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Are you the person that LOVES running topless!  the BACKBONE'S REAR WINDSHIELD is the perfect addition for providing quick protection from the elements when used with your bikini top. The REAR WINDSHIELD wraps around the rear seats and secures around the roll bar and at the sides by the back doors, as well as across the back using our unique "C" channel system.  When used with a Bikini Top it creates a waterproof rear window that can be installed in less than a minute, but easily stored when not needed.  You can also get the benefits of running heat and air during winter and summer, while still taking advantage of the better weather days!

Rear Windshield

  •    •    Creates an enclosed waterproof cabin when used in conjunction              with a bikini top
        •    Secures around roll bar, behind doors, and to the deck of THE                 BACKBONE
        •    Must be used in conjunction with THE BACKBONE

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