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BACKBONE - ST (the Original)

  • Fits soft top 2 and 4 door JK's (2007-2017)

  • Available in smooth and tread plate finish (smooth only available 2011-2017)

  • Black matte powder coat

  • Works with OEM/Aftermarket soft tops

  • Extremely water resistant (though not waterproof)

  • Works with soft tops, Bikini tops, no tops, or with the JeepBackbone Rear Windshield

  • The ST BackBone is a great choice if you like to ride topless, with a bikini style top, or with the JeepBackbone Rear Windshield and are looking for water protection and a cleaner look

Note:  The JeepBackbone Tailgate Bar (20724) is required when using any OEM/Aftermarket soft top.  The JBB Tailgate Bar replaces the OEM tailgate bar to secure the rear window of the soft top


  • Fits Soft Top AND Hard Top 4 door JK's (2011-2017)

  • Will work with 2-door JK soft top, but is NOT compatible with 2-door hard top

  • Comes in smooth finish 

  • Black matte powder coat

  • Allows use of OEM tailgate bar to secure soft top rear window

  • This BackBone is a great choice if you use both a hard and soft top, just a hard top, or if you wish to use the OEM tailgate bar with your soft top

Which BackBone is right for you??

Email us at if you have questions! 

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