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Our business started like so many other businesses, out of the need to solve a problem.  After purchasing a JK with a soft top, we quickly realized that there wasn't anyplace to secure valuables left in the Jeep!  Created out of that need was THE JEEPBACKBONE!  The ONLY security enclosure that utilizes 100% of the storage space, is made in the USA with USA Aluminum, is water resistant, and ONLY accessible through an unlocked tailgate!  The JeepBackBone works with ALL Aftermarket and OEM soft tops and Bikini style tops,  allowing you to use your Jeep the way it was meant to be used, without the worry of your valuables being at risk whether on the trail or on your way home from the office.  Our patented design without any exposed locks, hinges, bolts or fasteners can protect valuables without any top.  Without a top and doors, the JeepBackBone still gives you more security than a hardtop!


Initially we were just going to build a product for ourselves, however, once we had our first JeepBackBone installed, everywhere we went people would stop us and ask where they could buy one.  Once the JeepBackBone went into production, the ideas for innovative accessories started flowing......a Cargo Carrier for added storage on top......a Rear Windshield to enhance good weather cruising......Safari Seats for tailgating, fishing, hunting, etc!


We want to thank our many loyal customers!   New products are currently in development, so be looking for future discount offers and announcements, and keep building on your JeepBackBone.

About Us

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